Heat Exchanger Services

Serck Motorsoport offers a unique cleaning service that uses state of the art fluid dymnamics and photo analysis data to cleanse to the Micron. Used for many applications at the highest levels of performance to race teams worldwide. Designed and still used for Formula One this prolongs the life of your Heat Exchanger and keeps the operation of each unit services operating at 100% of its design. We monitor the flow rates and pressure test each unit with Helium Grade A and rhe full history of the units life is recorded as it is used. The benefits are clear when you consider the particulates that collect in teh coolers and eventually block and restict Oil Flow to the FIltration system which in tuen can cause devastaing affects to the power plant



Cleanliness is paramount at these high levels of performance and we service all types off coolers to a Micron Specification having worked closely with F1 engine manufacurers and Teams. From Engine Coolers, Hydraulic Coolers, KERS Coolers, Transmission Coolers and Water Coolers we can service them all.

A full data report and documentation for each unit is provided after each test is carried out and includes Flow Tesing Results, Pressure Test Results, Damage Reports and Photo Analysis Reports. We even provide you with the filter used in the tests and well as photo analysis images of the particle contaminates.

This service is unique and a popular request in Formula One, Rallying, GT, GP2, Le Mans, Historic Race Cars and many more.

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