Frequently Asked Questions






Q...How do i go about having my original radiator replaced and built in Aluminium that doesn't feature on your web site ?


A...Quite simply call us or e-mail us to assist you in mapping out your new unit as you may wish to also add  modifications to your requirement, as we build from scratch to your pattern or drawing. Our aim is to build the unit specifically to your exact requirements or simply to the original pattern as supplied.



Q...Can i design a totally new Radiator or Intercooler from scratch and get Serck Services Motorsport to build it for me ?



A...Yes and we can from either a drawing or even a mock up template. As we construct for many race teams who go through re-design's constantly our aim is to provide to the requirements of the customer in all walks of Motorsport for High Performance Cooling demands.



Q...How long does it take once i have placed my order to then receive my cooling unit ?


A...We will always quote you a build completion date and from initial order to completion is typically 3-4 weeks. However if you have an urgent requirement ie..have racing or testing commitments we will do our upmost to get you back on the track or road asap. If you have a required date that you prefer please tell us at point of order and we will schedule your unit the best we can to meet your deadline.



Q...How do i know what size unit i will need and what cooling capacity if i am building a fresh project ?


A...The first thing we would need to establish is the air flow area and how the cooling unit will be positioned and will there be any other air flow interference from other components mounted in front of the unit obstructing air flow. Clean uninterupted air flow is the most important factor to start with as this is the lifeblood of keeping the Heat Exchanger operating to it's maximum, this is why at any Formula One pitstop you will notice two of the pit crew each side of the car will reach into the side pods to clear them of any obstructions such as carbon pieces, stones or grass.

Secondly is the Engine size and it's expected performance, from a Straight 4 cylinder to a V8 Supercharged engine the Heat generated will determin the core requirements in each case. Also to consider are the bolt on performance parts and re-mapping to increase engine performance. Any performance increase throughout the engines life will affect the running temperatures in all of the fluids both oil and water in turn creating a higher demand from the cooling system. If the cooling system is not performing to cope with the temperature generated by the engine overall the performance will suffer as an engines performance relies on the right cooling measures to ensure maximum delivery from the powerplant.

There is no short answer for this question but i would recommend that you contact us and we can guide you through all of the options suitable for the formulas mentioned in providing you with a unit that is purpose built for your project.We have over 40 years experience with High Performance cooling so rest assured we can help you.



Q...If my current unit is damaged and has developed a slight leak can you repair it with out going to the expense of replacing it completely ?


A... Yes as we repair many units that are lightly damaged or getting old. We can carry out repairs on both Aluminium and Copper Brass units to a degree but on occasion if the unit has been twisted or knocked out of shape this can cause the tubes which the fluids flow through to become weak where they meet the header plates. If we see this in an exagerated form we would strongly reccomend a re-core or replacement unit.



Q...If i have a unit that is simply old but still in working order and not performing as it used to what could you recomend ?


A...Our reccomendation would be two simple options :-

                              Option 1 - To recore the unit, by this we mean to keep the original tanks and replace the core itself with brand new one. The tanks will be cleaned and if required we could also paint the completed unit in a Satin Black finish using a high temperature paint.

                              Option 2 - Would be to utilise our Service Cleansing where we take your original unit and perform a lenghty Service procedure which cleans the unit internally and externally. We have a process which is designed to breath life into units which have blocked tubes or poor cooling capabilities. This service also includes a Flow Testing option where by we can flow anywhere upto 3 litres per second through a unit. We offer 4 flow rates from low to high range and provide the pressure drop data also. This service package was designed and is used primarily for Formula 0ne but to a much higher specification so don't worry it's also a competitive price and if you repeat the service throughout the units life span we can provide the test data that shows any differences between its previous test/s.


Q...Can you supply Oil Coolers for Engine , Transmission and Differential units ?


A...Yes as we are the U.K Distributor for Setrab Pro-Line Oil coolers which are of the highest quality and the best Oil Cooler on the market. If you select the Setrab Oil Cooler option from the main menu on the left you can choose the cooler type from up to 50 Rows (Each row is represented by a cooling tube, hence 50 Row). Once you have an idea of the row number you require but are not sure of the sizes, don't worry as in each row selection are the heights and widths to assist you in purchasing the right Oil Cooler for a perfect fit. Each cooler in all sizes are 50mm thickness. 


Q...Can you build tanks also in Aluminium ?


A...We have been building both Header Tanks and Fuel Tanks ever since we began using Aluminium. Fuel tanks can be constructed with internal baffles or foam filled. This stops the fuel washing around in the tank causing an imbalance to the cars handling during racing.