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  About Us



Since the earliest days of motorsport, the name Serck has been synonymous with high performance cooling technology.

Today, Serck Services Motorsport is a highly dedicated division, committed to meeting the needs of leading teams and thoroughbred marques, and providing leading edge applications, wherever they may be required, from circuit racing and rallying to uphill climbing, drag racing and much, much more.






Wide Product Portfolio                


Building on a reputation for consistent cooling performance established over many years with both leading teams and supercar manufacturers, Serck Services Motorsport now provides a wide product portfolio, comprising a huge range of cooling systems and associated products, designed to meet any race or road high performance requirement. As well as oil coolers and copper, brass and aluminium radiators, we offer bespoke air-to-air intercoolers, designed specifically for racing purposes; aftermarket high performance radiators for water-cooled motorcycle engines; fuel tanks and header tanks; swirl pots; pipe work; repair work; and a complete range of workshop consumables.  
Equally at home with leading name race teams as the local club circuit, our expertise ranges from tailor-made solutions to competitively priced water and oil cooling systems for all types of race car, from a Mini to a Marcos. 





  Bespoke Service


A complete bespoke service includes prototype modelling, with development, design and construction carried out by highly trained technicians to your own specifications. At every stage, from concept through to the finished product, Serck Services Motorsport offers comprehensive technical support and back?up, and we will also provide support on site or at the track side on test days, if required.
A Racing Pedigree


Today's expertise is based on many years of experience, which began in the 1960s, when Serck Sheet Metal Services was established to meet the growing demand for racing applications. Over the years, we continued to provide leading teams such as Lola, Ralt, Royale and Tiga with high quality products and service, and also became involved with Indycar, supplying radiators for Penske, March and Lola cars, as well as achieving rally success with Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota Europe and Mitsubishi. Other success stories range from Nigel Mansell's Indycar and Lola's Formula 3000 racers to Ford Motorsports competition department, MGF road racing series, and the Jaguar X.1220. Our aluminium cooling technology was also in use when McLaren took 1st, 2nd and 4th place at Le Mans in 1995, and the V12 BMW engine of their road-going F1 relative is cooled by twin Low-Weight radiators developed by Serck Services Motorsport





Leading Edge Commitment


As each season passes, so aluminium becomes ever more popular for cooling requirements, offering not only lighter weight, but also greater heat dissipation and strength. Committed to keeping abreast of latest industry developments, we strive continuously to bring you the leading edge technology and unbeatable performance that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Racing has come a long way since the early days, but one name has performed consistently - Serck Services Motorsport - dedicated to putting you first across the finish line