50 Microns and Counting


Our Photo Analysis Cleaning Service is in constant development for the High Performance industry, particularly for the 7 Formula One teams and Engine suppliers we currently provide this unique service to. In the last 10 years we have been constantly testing and developing techniques to improve our micron levels of cleanliness using state of the art tools and techniques.


From 2003 to present day we continue to work very closely with  Formula One Teams and Engine Suppliers to establish a standard which we continue to develop utilising the data from the testing we carry out .


In 2011 we announced that 100 Microns at Zero Particle count was our new standard for Engine Oil Coolers, Transmission Coolers etc. This is an incredible new level of cleanliness that has taken 7 months to develop as a new standard for Formula One. In depth research, heavy investment and constant testing in fluid dynamics and cooling technologies by Serck Services Motorsport has allowed us to present this new standard to all for 2011 and has been very well received amungst the teams.


For KERS coolers, Pipework & Hydraulic Heat Exchangers we are now cleaning to an even higher level of 50 Microns, which is our highest level of cleanliness so far......




These incredible high levels of cleanliness standards are all provided with full data reports, tables and particle imagery, which include the actual membrane filter used during the final test on each component.

Included with the analysis test data are the Flow Testing Results and Pressure Testing Results also.

The cleaning service was developed to reduce levels of contamination that occur in the manufacture of the units and starts with core construction and then on to the tank work in the final manufacturing and assembly process. Contaminates are also intorduced during the breakdown that occurs during an engines life and can heavily contaminate the coolers which if re used without being cleaned can dramatically block filters and even the tubes which carry fluids.


The effects of this can ultimatley lead to engine performance loss and in some cases end the life the power plant or transmssion. By removing the contaminants keeps the system clean and saves costs in replacing coolers as this service prolongs the heat exchangers overall life. Each test we carry out is recorded and the life of any unit is tracked to ensure its tests are within a test margin, this applies to many areas of our tests inlcuding flow testing and photo analysis.


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