Photo Analysis Cleaning

Photo Analysis is a unique operation we carry out to assess and reduce levels of particulate contamination in Oil Coolers, Hydraulic Coolers and KERS coolers from manufacture and race used units. Our Service is dedicated to cleanliness and quality and by using the latest techniques in fluid dynamics, service flow rigs, turbulation concepts,and micron analysis testing where we can identify particulate levels to 1 Micron. 


We do not use Pulse techniques or any other method that causes fatigue as this service is specifically designed to prolong the life of your Heat Exchanger. Our Service can cleanse down to 50 Microns and is recognised as a standard by Formula One Engine Manufacturers and many other high performance environments.


"Photo Analysis cleansing down to 50 Microns with full data packaging"



End Caps from an Oil Cooler Prior to Service.Specifically designed for Formula One and working closely with F1 Engine Manufacturers, this service is paramount when re using coolers for each race or test, maintaining performance and eliminating the threat of component failure. 


"We can count particles a little as 1 Micron" 




The issued standards are dependant on the application, our highest standard of cleanliness being 50 Microns at a zero particle count which is mainly used for Hydraulic coolers, KERS Pipework and KERS Heat Exchanger units. Engine coolers are cleansed to 100 Microns at zero particle  count, a new standard introduced in 2011 (See News Feature).


Particle analysis is one stage of the full cleaning service we can offer as there are many stages that make up a complete cleasing service, please contact us directly for any further information regarding Heat Exchanger Servicing.


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